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Maggie Zhang is currently a sophomore at University High School. Her interest in science was first sparked in 7th grade when she joined her school's Science Olympiad team. She immediately found a passion in learning about why things happen. Science provided her with answers. Since then, she has been competing in Science Olympiad competitions and has won medals at invitational, regional, and state levels. In 8th grade, Maggie first began volunteering with OC Science at the annual OC Science and Engineering Work invitational competitions. After her first experience, she helped out and volunteered at numerous other events hosted by OC Science and OCSEF. As a member of the new OCSEF Web Team, Maggie hopes to spread her love for science through OCSEF and OC Science.

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Lucy Liu is currently a junior at University High School. Her interest in science began in 7th grade, when she first decided to participate in the IUSD Science Fair. In both her 7th and 8th grade years, Lucy was able to advance into the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair. Lucy is also interested in how art applies to science. In 2014, Lucy participated in the OCSEF Art Competition and won first place. As can be seen, Lucy has involved herself with OCSEF for many years, and will helping out with the website.

Upon entering high school, Lucy joined the student-run, nonprofit organization named OC Science. OC Science also helps with OCSEF and has even started the OC Science and Engineering Week. Through OC Science, Lucy has been able to help plan OCSEW events at the OC Fair, STEAM showcases, the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Art Contest, and the KnowledgeShare project.

Lucy is very excited to work with the new OCSEF Web Team and hopes to continue advocating for STEAM through OCSEF and OC Science.

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Brian Luo is a junior at Northwood High School. He has been passionate about programming and web development since his elementary years and learned to program in C, Java, and PHP. Thus, he founded a video game programming club in high school and won first place in the high school division at the IEEE GameSig competition in 2016. Brian was a cofounder and web developer for OC Science. He is also the webmaster of the American Southern California Chinese Economic and Cultural Association. In addition to programming, Brian enjoys studying math, participating in AMC and AIME.      


Brian also plays the violin and goes on international concert tours with the orchestra Seraphim Symphony, currently as concertmaster. He has visited and performed in England, France, Germany, and Austria.



Ryan Lim

Ryan Lim is currently attending Yale University. Previously, he attended Northwood High School and served as a webmaster for the OCSEF website. He began his interest in computer science during his middle school years, when he learned java. Using this knowledge, he explored the presence of a statistical law in music in a science fair project, achieving district winner and participating in the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair. Over the summer, he researched in an astrophysics lab in UCSB, resulting in a project merging aspects of computer science, astrophysics, and mapmaking techniques.

In school, Ryan was a board member of Northwood’s Computer Science Club and Math Olympiad Club and a team member in Northwood’s Science Olympiad Club. He played tennis for his school team and played clarinet for his school’s top band. In addition, Ryan has participated in many regional- and state-level ensembles and recently, in a national band hosted by the National Association for Music Education.

Ryan was also a member of the Southern California ARML team and participated in numerous math and science competitions including MATHCOUNTS, AMC’s, AIME, and Physics Olympiad. To give back to his community, he regularly volunteers for MATHCOUNTS at middle schools and helped to found the OC Coder.


Vinson Luo is currently attending Stanford University. Previously, he attended University High School and was the Webmaster for the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair. In pursuit of his passion for website designing and computer programming, Vinson founded a Website Design Club at his high school, led several teams in the development of websites for other local clubs and organizations, and designed a microcharity platform and virtual project exposition for the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair. In addition to winning Siemens Semifinalist for his research in computer vision, he has also won the Best Optics Project award at state and local science fairs for his research in computer graphics and relativity, qualified for the silver division of the USA Computing Olympiad, and placed within the top 30 nationally in the picoCTF hacking competition.

Also interested in mathematics and physics, Vinson has pursued both subjects through individual and team competitions. He is a three time USA (Junior) Math Olympiad qualifier, and has won multiple awards in regional math competitions. As co-president of the UHS Math Club, he oversaw club activities and led the club team to victories in competitions including Math Day at the Beach and the Caltech Harvey Mudd Math Competition. Similarly, Vinson excels in physics; he placed second in the AAPT national Physics Bowl and earned a silver medal in the Physics Olympiad.

In addition, Vinson enjoys playing the piano. He has won multiple international awards, including first in the American Protégé International Concerto Competition and second in the Los Angeles International Liszt Competition, and performed in Carnegie Hall and St. Giles Cathedral. In addition to competitive settings, he also uses his musical talents to help his community by performing at fundraisers in senior centers and providing free accompaniment for local choirs.


Dennis Shim is currently attending California Institute of Technology. Previously, he attended Northwood High School and was a Webmaster for the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair. Dennis has developed great interest in computer science after learning Java, Python, and C/C++. He used Mathematica in a bioinformatics project and also created a Python search engine, winning several awards at the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair. He also conducted research at UCLA in the Electrical Engineering department and built a caching system. To spread his love of computer science to his high school, he founded a Computer Science club.

In addition to computer science, Dennis greatly enjoys math and science and the challenge that problem solving presents. He participated in various math competitions, including MATHCOUNTS, the AMCs, AIME, and the Southern California ARML team, and he is Co-President of the Northwood Math Olympiad Club. He is also the co-captain of the Northwood Science Olympiad team and has received multiple medals in regional- and state-level events. In addition, he is a Physics Olympiad silver medalist and received honors on the National Chemistry Olympiad Exam.

Dennis has been a volunteer with the Orange County Math Circle, and served as Director of the Middle School Math club and is currently the Webmaster. Armed with this experience and with the desire to spread a love of computer science to all members in his community, Dennis founded the OC Coder.

In his free time, Dennis enjoys reading books and magazines in addition to playing basketball, tennis, and ultimate frisbee.


Michelle Chen is currently attending Harvard University. Previously she attended Sage Hill High and was Webmaster for the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair website. Discovering her love for math during her middle school years, she was the MATHCOUNTS team captain for Venado Middle School in 7th grade and Rancho san Joaquin Middle School in 8th grade. She placed in the top ten both years for both County and State competitions, winning the Countdown Round in both County and State during 7th grade. Also, she has conducted research at the University of California, Santa Barbara; University of California, Irvine; and Texas Tech University in biology and mathematical/computational biology.

In addition, Michelle has participated in the AMC competitions. As a freshman, she scored a 12 on her AIME exam and was one of 17 freshmen nationwide to qualify for the USAMO. She was also a member of the Southern California ARML A1 team as a freshman, receiving one of the highest individual scores. She placed 6th at the 2015 Math Prize for Girls, as the only girl from Southern California to place. During the 2013 Harvard-MIT Math Tournament, Michelle placed 5th in the Individual Theme Round and contributed to her team’s 2nd in the Team Round, 3rd in the Guts Round, and 3rd in Sweepstakes. She has also participated in other competitions, including the Caltech-Harvey Mudd Math Competition and the Stanford Math Competition.

In school, Michelle is one of the top players of the Sage Hill Girls Varsity Golf Team, placing as the individual champion in her league and qualifying for the CIF Individuals. In her free time, Michelle enjoys playing piano and has performed in the Carnegie Hall. Besides creating art, she also loves reading novels of all genres.

Michelle is currently attending Harvard University. 


Lia Tian is currently a junior at Irvine High School. She discovered her interest in math during her middle school years when she participated in MATHCOUNTS, contributing to her school team’s first place win at the state level. Other competitions that she participates in include the AMC’s and AIME. She is also a member of her school Math Club, and one of her goals is to encourage more girls to become involved in mathematics. To further pursue her passion for math, she volunteers with the Orange County Math Circle. In addition to being interested in math, Lia is also fascinated by humanities. She helped her middle school participate in National History Day for the first time, winning at both Regional and State levels.

In school, Lia is the freshmen secretary in ASB and a Student Forum representative. Other clubs that she is involved in include Science Olympiad, National History Day, Robotics, and American Cancer Society. She also plays tennis on her school team. In addition, she plays double bass in Philharmonic Orchestra, the school’s highest orchestra, and in regional-level orchestras.

Outside of school, Lia enjoys reading books, magazines, newspapers, and anything else she can find. She also enjoys finding unique ways of self-expression through visual arts, dance, and music. 


1617 AnnaLou

Currently a junior at Oxford Academy, Anna Lou has a great passion for computer science and has been coding in multiple languages, including Java, Python, C#, PHP, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS. Her computer programming-based science research projects have won numerous awards, including a minor planet named after her by the MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Her other awards include becoming one of 30 Broadcom MASTERS national finalists, Junior Sweepstakes and Senior first place at OCSEF (3 years), first place in Math and Software at the California State Science Fair (2 years), and the winner of the “2015 Emerging Student Innovator of the Year in STEM” in Project Tomorrow’s Innovation in Education Awards.
Hoping to spread her own passion for computer science to more students in the community, Anna currently serves as the President of Orange County Coder, Vice President of Technology of Orange County Math Circle (OCMC), and Webmaster and key member of the web teams for many organizations, including Math for Service, OCSEF, OCMC, and Orange County Coder. Anna loves math and science and has participated in many competitions, including the AMC, AIME, CHMMC, USA Chemistry Olympiad local and national exams, and various computer programming contests.
Anna has earned the Paderewski Gold Medal from the International Guild of Piano Teachers and was recommended to perform at the MTAC State Convention for four straight years. She plays piano, guitar, and ukulele at her church and plays violin in her school’s orchestra. In her free time, Anna enjoys reading, writing, and tutoring younger students in math, science, and programming.



Sherry Xu is a sophomore at Troy High School. Her middle school years sparked her interest in science. In 2014, she explored the energy efficiencies of different types of light bulbs, placing first at OCSEF. Sherry was also selected as a Broadcom MASTERS semi-finalist. In the summer of 2015, she participated in UC Santa Barbara’s Research Mentorship Program and conducted independent research on how drought affects native California plant diversity, under the guidance of her mentor Dr. Barbara Fernandez-Going of the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology.
At Troy, Sherry serves as treasurer for NOW (National Organization for Women) club. She is a founding member of OC Science, and is both excited and grateful for the opportunity to serve her community by organizing fun and educational STEM events for students as the organization’s Operations Lead Link.
Sherry also plays piano and passed CM Level 10 for piano at the age of 11. She has also received first place awards at various piano competitions and has performed at Carnegie Hall. Additionally, Sherry has received a Silver Key for her poetry from the national Scholastic Art & Writing Competition.
In her free time, Sherry enjoys getting excited about her passions and learning new things. She aims to “[see] art from the scientific point of view and science from the artist’s point of view,” as Leonardo da Vinci supposedly did, according to her history textbook.


Kelly Zhou is currently a junior at the Orange County School of the Arts. She has been passionate about a myriad of art forms ever since elementary school. This prompted her to enroll in the Integrated Arts program at OCSA, where she is able continue learning more about her favorite art forms as well as explore new ones. In addition to the arts, Kelly is also fascinated by science. She is an Executive Editor in OC Scholar, as well as a tutor in Santa Ana Math Circle. 

Kelly is the winner of the 30th Annual Imagination Celebration Poster Contest, as well as the 14th Annual Holocaust Art & Writing Contest. She enjoys playing cello and has been a cellist in Pacific Symphony Youth Ensembles for three years. Recently, she received her first degree black belt in Taekwondo.