Ethan Hung

Ethan Hung, a 7th grader in the 2015-16 school year at Jeffrey Trail Middle School, was the first place winner for the Microbiology and Cell Biology category in the OC Science and Engineering Fair for that year. His project is called “Reducing Global Warming Through Chemosynthesis”.


Global warming is a serious threat to our environment. The increased release of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is trapping in heat from the sun, causing an overall increase in temperature of our planet. Global warming is causing the ocean levels to increase because of melting ice. In addition, global warming is causing the increased spread of many deadly diseases, among other harmful effects. Ethan decided to use “chemosynthetic bacteria to see if it was possible to reduce the carbon dioxide levels in the environment”. Chemosynthetic bacteria are known for their ability to use “hazardous sulfides and carbon molecules, such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide instead of sunlight” for energy.


Ethan has been doing science research for two years now, being passionately driven by his love of science. It all started with his love of marine science because “it is so mysterious and undiscovered”. He loves science because it “is full of problems, enigmas, mysteries, and other puzzles that are waiting to be solved”.