It may be selfish, but we tend to feel great when we help others. Perhaps it's the joy we see on their faces when we've accomplished a huge task for them, or the fact that we also gain a lot out of these experiences in terms of friends, contacts, and experience. Either way, volunteering is a rewarding experience which benefits ourselves and organizations alike.

- John Grant

Thank you for your interest in becoming a judge for the OCSEF. Each year several hundred students present projects at the OCSEF and judging is the culmination of their hard work. As a judge, you become an important part of their learning, and your encouragement has an impact on their view of the science. To become a judge in the OCSEF please complete the form below to be added to our database.

Judges are asked to be available to complete the judging assignments on the day assigned for Judging (see “Key Dates” on the OCSEF Home Page) from 7:30 am to the conclusion of award deliberations, around 4:30 pm. Please provide the information requested below if you desire to be a judge. If you are unavailable to help with this year’s Fair, but would like to help in future years, please complete the form below to add your name to our database of judges. We will contact you, after we receive your application, by e-mail (preferably) or regular mail.

The OCSEF Board of Directors thanks you for your participation.

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