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Internet References

Internet use and websites

  • You may get ideas and material from the Internet.
  • You are not allowed to copy a science project from the Internet. You must modify it to contain both a control and a variable.
  • Parents must oversee the websites that their child visits; many have pop-ups and links that are not for elementary school aged students.
  • Using information from the web is just like a book, word for word is plagiarism and you need to include it in your bibliography.
  • If you want to use copyright-protected pictures and text from a website, you must get permission from the author. This usually takes a long time.
  • Include a print out of permission (email is OK) in the bibliography.


  • Anyone can create a Website; this does not mean its information is correct!
  • Make sure the website is run by a large, recognized group such as a college or organization.
  • DOT “org” or “edu” or “gov” are generally trustworthy for accuracy of content.