Multi-step Registration Process

The Registration Process using SurveyMonkey is a multi-step process which includes:

  • SRC Initial Screening
  • Pre-Approval w/ Certifications
  • Project Registration

Use this link to begin the multi-step process:

Initial Screening

All projects require initial screening. OCSEF is using SurveyMonkey Apply for our 2021 registration software. The first step, Initial Screening is now open to all Orange County students planning to do a research project, with the intent to enter the project in our 2021 Fair. Due to the nature of science and engineering research, the initial screening process is for YOUR SAFETY and PROTECTION.

If the student answers “no” to all 4 questions posed in the Initial Screening, the Registration System will request from the student a Signed Parent Affidavit and a signed Teacher Approval Form, both available as online forms. Once the parent and teacher online approval/signatures are completed, the student will be asked to “review” their application (making any necessary edits) and “submit”.

Project Pre-Approval

Projects involving (1) humane treatment of live vertebrate animals, (2) hazards control (i.e. projects involving microbiology, vertebrate animal tissue, hazardous chemicals and hazardous equipment), (3) human subjects and/or (4) regulated research (at a lab facility) must follow proper state/federal safety regulations and submit a proposal, along with appropriate Certification Form(s), for additional pre-approval prior to the start of any research. After completing the Initial Screening, if the student answers “yes” to any/all of the 4 questions posed, the registration system will move students to the Pre-Approval Questionnaire which will require completion of appropriate certification forms.

Please contact for any additional questions.

Project Registration

Once a student completes his/her Initial Screening and Pre-Approval (with appropriate certification forms, if needed), the Registration System will move students to the PROJECT REGISTRATION for the Virtual OCSEF competition.

The following project components must be uploaded to the OCSEF student project registration site (Detailed instructions for uploading will be on the project registration site):

  • Maximum 3 min video about your project
  • Project summary report
  • Picture of your display board
  • Pictures of key pages from the log book