STEM Evenings

Ask-a-Scientist/Engineer Nights is a series of basic trainings to inspire and motivate STEM students. With materials prepared by veteran science teachers, students are encouraged to find the fun in STEM and are guided on how to develop an independent science or Engineering project. The scientists/teachers who are leading this effort are highly qualified and have been trained to provide the most meaningful and memorable experience for the students.

The series of events is open to all at no cost, starting around August every year. The series marks the start of trainings and mentoring programs that the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair hosts. By February, some of these students are prepared to have their own Mini-Science Fair in their schools, where all of their hard work will be showcased.

Ask-a-Scientist/Engineer Nights were held by OCSEF at various schools, Some of them in collaboration with Chapman University led by Dr. Elaine Schwartz and her “STEMtors” team. OCSEF also hosted a special event for the Girl Scouts of Orange County.

Are you affiliated with a public school that would like more STEAM for your students? Contact OCSEF to host an Ask a Scientist/Engineer night by contacting info@ocsef. org . We are taking applications now for FALL 2020 (These will be virtual zoom sessions) with materials provided by OCSEF.