Disposable Face Masks Filter Micron-Sized Particles Better Than Reusable Face Masks

By: Alexandra I.Year: 2021School: Turtle Rock ElementaryGrade: 6Science Teacher: Sumer Dakak To prevent COVID-19, the Center of Disease Control (CDC) asks everyone to wear a facemask in public. There are thousands of brands of reusable and disposable non-medical facemasks currently on the market. A cheap, home-made device was constructed to compare filtering efficiency of different

The Effect of Different Types of Blades on the Efficiency of a Wind Turbine

By: Hussein H.Year: 2021School: Serrano IntermediateGrade: 7Science Teacher: Holly Danielson Hussein’s project is about testing different types of blade designs on a wind turbine. Hussain used different types of blades in the project and altered the angle for each one in different trials. He measured the energy produced by counting the RPM of the wind

Improving Vaccines with Tardigrades Biomimicry

Improving Vaccines with Tardigrades Biomimicry

By: Chloe D.Year: 2021School: Stratford SchoolScience Teacher: Heather Rydzeski Vaccines are an important tool in the fight against many serious diseases, but their effectiveness and distribution can be hampered by the cold chain. This is the need to keep vaccines cold from the point of manufacture to the time of administration. The purpose for Chloe’s project was to

Smart Crossing Guard Aid

By: Melody Y. Year: 2021School: Rancho San Joaquin MiddleScience Teacher: Lisa Gordon AbstractThe purpose of this project was to create a smart device used as an assistant for crossing guards. It will utilize computer vision to detect oncoming cars, and find the most cost effective device to assist them. Throughout the project, four main goals

Humbot: Bio-Inspired Hummingbird Aircraft

By: Alex L.Year: 2021Grade: 9School: University HighScience Teacher: Kevin Kasper Problem StatementDrones are unable to withstand strong winds. Various natural disasters result in large amounts of wind–a notable one being wildfires, with global warming on the rise. In California alone, over 50,000 wildfires occurred last year. To control wildfires, workers utilize aerial vehicles to scout

The Structure of the Positive Monoid of Integer-Valued Polynomials Evaluated at an Algebraic Number

By: Andrei M.Year: 2021School: University HighGrade: 12Science Teacher: Tim Smay Motivated by the characterization of symmetric monoidal functors between Deligne categories, the additive monoid R_+(x) is defined as the set of all nonnegative integer linear combinations of binomial coefficients (x choose n) for nonnegative integers n. Andrei’s project was concerned with the inquiry into the


By: Justin L.Year: 2021School: Troy HighGrade: 10Science Teacher: Kevin Jones AIVIS is an online application that allows for easy creation of an Artificial Neural Network. Artificial neural networks (ANNs), usually simply called neural networks (NNs), are computing systems inspired by the biological neural networks that constitute animal brains. An ANN is based on a collection of

Object Detecting Smart Glasses for the Blind and Visually Impaired

By: Basim C.Year: 2021School: Sage HillGrade: 9Science Teacher: Anie Robinson Abstract:Objectives: To create an advanced cane replacement in the form of glasses. I wanted the glasses to be as affordable as possible and light enough so that it could be comfortably worn on the head. Methods/Materials: All mounting parts for the glasses were designed in

The Design and Creation of a Solar Powered Trail Safety Device that Uses RF Signals

By: Tarini N.Year: 2021School: Serrano IntermediateScience Teacher: Andi Suter Abstract:The purpose of my project is to create a safety device that is installed along the trails in our US National parks to assist any hikers if they need help. Tarini’s device is solar powered with lithium battery backup. It uses Radio Frequency signals to communicate