In-Silico Investigation of Most Effective Hepatitis B Virus Inhibitors

By: Rachel F.Year: 2022School: Westminster HighGrade: 10 Science Teacher: Huy Pham The Hepatitis B Virus affects multiple different communities, however, proportionally, Vietnamese communities are at higher risk, with the average rate of chronic HBV among Vietnamese Americans over 10% (compared to the general population rate of <1%) (Taylor, V. M.). HBV proves incurable as current

The Effect of Carbon Dioxide on Plant Growth

By: Vy N.Year: 2022School: Warner MiddleGrade: 8Science Teacher: Travis Garwick How does carbon dioxide affect the growth of different types of plants? To test this question, Vy grew plants, which were neon pothos, giant white inch plants, and succulents. Vy built her prototype which needed to trap the plants and CO2 in a box, with

Monitoring Health for the Elderly Using Machine Learning Anomaly Detection

By: Mark M.Year: 2022School: Rancho San Joaquin MiddleGrade: 8Science Teacher: Paige Morris This project provides a novel and personalized solution for monitoring dehydration in the elderly. Four Machine Learning algorithms were compared to determine which one best detected anomalies in the timings of an elderly subject’s nightly bathroom visits, such as long gaps between visits

The Recovery of Phytoplankton after Short vs Long Term UV Exposure

By: Kristina N.Year: 2022School: Westminster HighGrade: 12Science Teacher: Huy Pham The ozone layer has deteriorated as a result of increased air pollution and climate change, enabling greater penetration of UV radiation and subsequent exposure. UV radiation has generally impacted phytoplankton negatively, including decreasing photosynthesis and growth, damaging DNA and protein, and changing nutrient uptake and

Misremembered Episodic Memories in Teenagers

By: Emily P. and Medelen N.Year: 2022School: Westminster HighGrade: 10Science Teacher: Huy Pham Episodic memory is a type of memory that involves the recollection of previous everyday events relating to the associated place, time, and emotions that took place. The growth in cognitive development in the teenage adolescent years starts to change ways of thinking

Effects of Phong Thấp Hoàn Supplement on Salvia Hispanica Development

By: Sophie N.Year: 2022School: Westminster HighGrade: 10Science Teacher: Huy Pham 20% of Americans use Chinese medicine. With “[G]rowing […] popularity of natural remedies […], demand […] is rising” (Hoiberg, 2007). However, Asian commercials often advertise supplements, such as PTH, with skeptical ingredients like Rehmannia glutinosa and other allelopathic constituents. This experiment investigated if ingredient toxicity

Best Alternatives for Styrofoam Food Containers

By: Trimy T.Year: 2022School: Westminster HighGrade: 9Science Teacher: Huy Pham Recognition of sustainability has grown over the years. Many different solutions have been brought up, such as reducing the usage of one-use products, reducing the usage of non-renewable resources, and efforts to reduce purchasing products that contribute to increasing carbon emissions. More specific examples of

How Well Does Aromatherapy Relieve Stress and Anxiety in High School Students?

By: Catherine L.Year: 2022School: Westminster HighGrade: 12Science Teacher: Huy Pham Throughout the previous year regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, the stress and anxiety levels of adolescents have drastically increased. Students who return to in-person school from online school have a difficult time getting used to their very busy schedules, and this takes a significant toll on

Combined Effects of Ocean Acidification and Malathion Insecticide Exposure on Oyster Shells

By: Ashley N.Year: 2022School: Westminster HighGrade: 11Science Teacher: Huy Pham Estuaries are one of the most productive natural ecosystems, providing habitats and food resources for many marine organisms. However, the rise of runoff nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus has been accompanied by increased ocean acidification, contributing to the problem of shellfish mortality and ecosystem

Comparison of UV Absorption Rate of Sunscreens

By: Naim B.Year: 2021School: South Lake MiddleGrade: 8Science Teacher: Brenda Ahnn Skin cancer is the fifth most common type of cancer amongst men and women. This project was done to test the effect of different types of sunscreens’ UV absorption rate on UV-sensitive paper that had been sitting out in the sun for 3 minutes.