How Does Ocean Acidification Impact Shell Degradation?

By: Rachel D.Year: 2022School: Fairmont Private Schools, Anaheim HillsGrade: 8Science Teacher: Michael Morin Rachel’s experiment on the impact of ocean acidification on shell degradation has shown that the weight change between different acid levels was negligible. The procedure involved placing broken seashells in containers with salt water of various pH levels and measuring the ending

Non-Invasive Stress Monitoring from Video for Semi-Autonomous Systems

By: Akshata T.Year: 2022School: Aliso Niguel High SchoolGrade: 11Science Teacher: Robert Jansen Stress detection through video is a fundamentally important concept. As autonomous vehicles become more commonplace and human alertness subsides, instantaneous detection of physiological features has a prominent role in ensuring human safety in dire situations. Autopilot or other safety mechanisms can be enabled

Corn Husks Recyclable Boxes

Have you ever wondered how many trees are killed to make cardboard boxes? Sebastian’s project aims to replace cardboard boxes with biodegradable eco friendly boxes made out of corn husks. This would be helpful because it causes less deforestation, less CO2 emissions in the air and uses the scraps from the corns husks and converts

Glycerin Duration On Flooring Materials using Dunstan’s Test

From 2018, 9% of adults have said they occasionally vape, and from 2019 around 27.5% of high school students use vape products, both groups in the U.S. According to the FDA, 1 million youth e-cigarette users use it daily, giving an idea of how common vaping is. Tam’s OCSEF project sought to inquire about the

From Brine to Beverage: Solar-Powered Salt Removal

Aria made freshwater from saltwater using solar power and the water cycle. She then tested how salinity affects this process. “I wanted to explore this topic as my state of California is in a drought and running low on freshwater sources,” Aria wrote. “I used the sun’s energy and the water cycle to power my

Personal Social Distance Monitor

Anoushka successfully built a social distance monitor device that measures 6 feet from other people accurately and can alert with a buzzer and led light. Public social distancing is a safety measure to minimize chances of getting infected with covid 19. The challenge of social distancing is that it is hard to keep track of

Europa, a Possibility for Life?

People are always wondering if there is life in or outside our universe. Eesha’s scientific research is focused on whether or not Europa (One of Jupiter’s moons) can possibly contain/sustain any form of life. For this project, I’m looking at Lake Vostok which is a similar environment to Europa. My hypothesis is, if an environment