Special Awards

Broadcom Coding With Commitment

In 2021, Broadcom Foundation established a new program for select competitions and showcase events called Broadcom Coding with Commitment.  An important trend in science fairs and coding spaces is that young people are seeking to solve problems that impact them personally or their communities such as health, sanitation, energy, climate change and other challenges set out in

Sea and Sage Audubon Society

The Sea and Sage Chapter of the National Audubon Society supports environmental education and conservation awareness projects throughout Southern California. Website: seaandsageaudubon.org

Raytheon Asia Pacific Association

RAPA encourages the personal growth and upward mobility of Asians within Raytheon and the community, with an emphasis on outreach and service initiatives. (https://jobs.raytheon.com/employee-resource-groups)

Orange County Water District

Community engagement is important to the Orange County Water District. It hosts and sponsors events throughout the year to educate and inform stakeholders about critical and emerging issues related to water and water conservation.  (https://www.ocwd.com/learning-center) Website: ocwd.com

Orange County Sanitation District

The Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) is the third largest wastewater treatment agency west of the Mississippi River serving over 2.5 million residents. Approximately, 220 million gallons of wastewater are treated each day at treatment facilities in Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach. Governed by a 25-member board of directors, OCSD is comprised of representatives of

Office of Naval Research

Navy and Marine Corps leaders recognize that our nation’s progress in science and engineering have been achieved by people who devoted their lives to research. They believe that young people who demonstrate a willingness to be part of our world of science and engineering, by participating in science and engineering fairs, deserve special recognition. Through

OCSEF Dave Walkington Memorial Award

The Walkington Award, presented by the OCSEF Board of Directors,  recognizes excellent work by students in Botany and related fields, in memory of  Dr. David L. Walkington. As a Biology professor and administrator at Cal State Fullerton, Dr. Walkington was devoted to science education and environmental preservation. He was instrumental in establishing the Fullerton Arboretum,

OCSEF Lon Isenberg Memorial Award

The  Lon Isenberg award is given to a student for exceptional creativity and scientific insight in an engineering project.  Lon Isenberg served on the OCSEF Board for nearly 30 years and for much of that time as Treasurer and Sweepstakes Award Judge.  He completed degrees at UCLA in engineering and chemistry and joined the ranks

OCSEF Nat Lamm Memorial Award

The Nat Lamm Award, presented by the OCSEF Board of Directors, recognizes   excellence in ecology and environmental studies.   During his tenure as the Orange County Department of Education Coordinator of  Math and Science, Nat was a champion of environmental education, and academic events.  He served for many years on the Board of Directors of the

National Water Research Institute

NWRI was established in 1991 to address water supply and quality issues facing our nation through cooperative research. In conjunction with our water agency partners, we promote the protection, maintenance, and restoration of drinking water supplies as well as freshwater and marine environments. Website: nwri-usa.org