The Secret to Eternal Youth: The Anti-Aging Effects of NMN

By: Amber L., Reagan F., Angela L.Year: 2023School: St. Margaret’s Episcopal SchoolGrade: 9Science Teacher: Andrea Chou In the pursuit of defying the inevitability of aging, scientists continuously seek innovative solutions to extend human lifespan and improve overall well-being. Among the promising candidates in this quest is Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN), a molecule touted for its potential to reverse aging

Analyzing the Effects of Vietnamese “Dau Xanh” on Water Lettuce

By: Angelina B.Year: 2023School: Westminster HighGrade: 11Science Teacher: Huy Pham In an effort to explore the potential environmental consequences of analgesic topical treatments, this science project focuses on the effects of Dầu Xanh, a Vietnamese green medicated oil, on aquatic organisms. The experiment aims to document and discover how varying concentrations of this pain reliever may affect Water


By: Sarina H.Year: 2023School: Kraemer MiddleGrade: 7 Freshwater acidification is a growing concern globally, with significant attention focused on understanding its potential impact on aquatic ecosystems. While extensive research has been conducted on ocean acidification due to rising carbon dioxide levels, less attention has been given to its freshwater counterpart. This science project aims to bridge this

Cellular Protein Degradation Pathways

Study focusing on human Sodium-dependent Multi Vitamin Transporter (hSMVT) and its application in cancer cell targeting By: Arjun G.Year: 2023School: Los Alamitos HighGrade: 11Science Teacher: Brighton Merrell In the realm of scientific exploration, few projects carry the promise of transforming lives as much as Arjun’s groundbreaking study on the human Sodium-dependent Multivitamin Transporter (hSMVT) and its potential application

Improving Vaccines with Tardigrades Biomimicry

Improving Vaccines with Tardigrades Biomimicry

By: Chloe D.Year: 2021School: Stratford SchoolScience Teacher: Heather Rydzeski Vaccines are an important tool in the fight against many serious diseases, but their effectiveness and distribution can be hampered by the cold chain. This is the need to keep vaccines cold from the point of manufacture to the time of administration. The purpose for Chloe’s project was to

Investigating Effective Alternatives to Silver-based Pressure Sore Treatments and Other Novel Applications of Gold and Copper Nanoparticles

By: Arjun G.Year: 2021School: Los Alamitos HighGrade: 9Science Teacher: Shereen Awad Recently after undergoing a major surgery, Arjun’s grandfather developed a pressure sore on his tailbone that dug deep into his skin to the point that the bone was visible. To help treat the pressure sore, he was prescribed a silver nanoparticle-based medication. Because silver

Dietary Flavonoid Dihydromyricetin (DHM) Ameliorates Alcohol-Induced Intestinal Microbiome Changes Associated with Alcoholic Liver Disease

By: Le Ann T.Year: 2021School: Arnold O. Beckman HighGrade: 10Science Teacher: Siu Kong Sit Chronic alcohol consumption contributes to systemic, multi-organ injury. In addition to multi-organ injury, chronic alcohol abuse has been found to shift microbiome populations in the small intestines. Dihydromyricetin (DHM), a natural flavonoid, significantly reduces alcoholic liver disease (ALD) outcomes following chronic

Identifying and Quantifying Synergistic Effects of Antibiotics from C. leucodermis Formulated with Nanoparticles Using a Simulation-Aided Method

By: Daniel F.Year: 2020School: University High School, 11th gradeDivision: Senior Antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria, called superbugs, require new strategies to improve infection treatment. In my previous years’ research, I discovered that the Native American herb Ceanothus leucodermis has antibacterial properties, and I identified the active compounds within it as catechin derivatives. This year, motivated by