Does antibacterial or normal soap prevent the growth of bacteria

By: Zoey S.Year: 2023School: The Pegasus SchoolGrade: 8Science Teacher: Jullie Warren Zoey, a determined student, has embarked on a fascinating science project that delves into the effectiveness of antibacterial and normal soaps in combating bacterial growth. With the rise of concerns about the impact of antibacterial soaps, Zoey aims to shed light on whether normal soap can match

What is in Your Yogurt?

By: Alexandra I.Year: 2023School: Rancho San Joaquin MiddleGrade: 8Science Teacher: Paige Morris In today’s health-conscious world, yogurt is often hailed as a superfood, marketed by a multibillion-dollar industry as the elixir of gut health. But is this portrayal accurate? Are the expensive yogurt brands truly superior when it comes to probiotic content? Alexandra set out to demystify the

Stains are a Pain!

By: Vidur M. and Dante L.Year: 2022School: Woodsboro ElementaryGrade: 6Science Teacher: Tracy Chung In today’s world, appearances matter to many people and having stained teeth can be a source of insecurity. For years, people have been struggling with tooth discoloration caused by their daily beverages but have not been aware of what was causing these

Comparison of UV Absorption Rate of Sunscreens

By: Naim B.Year: 2021School: South Lake MiddleGrade: 8Science Teacher: Brenda Ahnn Skin cancer is the fifth most common type of cancer amongst men and women. This project was done to test the effect of different types of sunscreens’ UV absorption rate on UV-sensitive paper that had been sitting out in the sun for 3 minutes.

Asthma Control and Management System

By: Kourosh K.Year: 2021School: Fairmont Private Schools, Anaheim HillsGrade: 7Science Teacher: Michael Morin In certain groups of patients with asthma, it has been challenging for both patients and physicians to monitor the patient’s asthma activity, and consequently provide a treatment plan as accurately as possible. A peak flow meter, a portable device used to gauge

Avocado Oxidation

By: Brendon K. & Justin P.Year: 2021School: Vista Verde, 7th GradeDivision: Junior How does plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and paper towel covers affect the spread of oxidation in centimeters from open avocados over 5 days? We got the idea of experimenting with the oxidation of avocados by thinking of a question that was thought of