OCSEF Celebrates 3 Years of Mentor Match Program

On June 2, 2022, Orange County Science and Engineering Fair, in partnership with UCI CalTeach and Chapman University, celebrated the close of year three of their flagship outreach program, the Mentor Match Program. Students, parents, teachers and guests from Westminster and Santiago High Schools assembled in Beckman Hall on the beautiful Chapman University campus to

OCSEF Announces Broadcom Coding with Commitment Winners

Orange County Science and Engineering Fair announces Mark Menaker and Vy Nguyen as the 2022 OCSEF Broadcom Coding with Commitment winners. The two middle-school students have shown excellence in their projects’ subject choices and presentations, in an inspiring interest in community problem solving. Mark Menaker, an 8th grader from Rancho San Joaquin Middle school, took the first

Teacher Appreciation Day: Catching Up with Science Teacher Andi Suter

It’s Teacher Appreciation Day! Mrs. Andi Suter M.Ed. from Serrano Intermediate School in Lake Forest is one of the prominent name on students’ OCSEF applications in the last couple of years. We caught up with the 8th Grade STEAM Village Science Teacher, who’s finishing up her 27th year in the district this year. “I found

Submitting A Project: Tutorial Videos

Welcome to OCSEF’s “How-to” videos library. We have recorded these videos as tutorials for the whole process of registering your project for OCSEF 2022. Please click on the titles below to watch the videos (via YouTube). 1. How to create an Initial Project Screening application  2. Project description – Good vs Bad example  3. How to

OC Student Crowned Rising Star at Broadcom MASTERS STEM Competition

Following his 1st place win at OCSEF-Behavioral Science category earlier this year, Sebastian Alexis from Sierra Vista Middle School, Irvine, CA impressed the Broadcom MASTERS judges with his project Quantifying the Effectiveness of Lockdown Measures using Effective Reproduction Number (Rt) of SARS-CoV2. Sebe’s study looked specifically at COVID in Orange County and found that the

OC Student Takes Engineering 2nd Place Award at Broadcom MASTERS 2021

Clara Choi from Orange County School of the Arts, Santa Ana won $2,500 cash grant  with her project EEG Study of Virtual Learning Demonstrates Worsened Learning Outcomes and Higher Mirror Neuron Activation Inspired by her dance class cancelation due to COVID-19, Clara studied how mirror neurons in the brain are activated during virtual and in-person learning. Study

Hailey Miya Van Wins $5,000 Broadcom Coding with Commitment Award

Following her 2nd Place achievement in Environmental Science / Environmental Engineering at OCSEF 2021 in March, Hailey, 14, Irvine, California, won the Broadcom Coding with Commitment Award for a project titled Multi-stressor Analysis of Carbon Dioxide on Oceanic Ecosystems: Using Climate Change Modeling to Study Hypoxia and Acidification. This award recognizes a finalist whose project and

High School Engineering Challenge: 4 Course Model

Life Science/Biology Engineering Connection: Organ Donation (Chapter 8, p. 1040) Students can learn about the role of engineering to meet critical medical needs to solve another problem in organ donation: matching suitable donors with patients. In addition to striking examples of engineering like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and robotic surgery, some engineers also develop important

Raspberry Pi 101 Introduction Session

Don’t miss out our Raspberry Pi 101 Introduction Zoom session hosted by Mr. Omar Shepherd from the Orange County Department of Education. Date: November 12, 2021Time: 6:00 to 8:00 PMRegister Here Mr. Omar Shepherd is an experienced Educational Leader with a passion for STEM and a demonstrated history of working in collaborative teams. He is

High School Engineering Challenge: 3 Course Model

The Living Earth -Integrating Biology and Earth Science Engineering Connection: Wastewater Treatment Facilities  (Chpt. 7,   p. 794) When raw sewage flows into waterways, it can impact the health of both humans and ecosystems (EP&Cs II, IV), which is why wastewater treatment facilities are an important part of all California cities.   Engineers have learned to put