OCSEF is Looking For New Volunteers!

Join our effort to support STEM education in Orange County As OCSEF continues to grow in student, school, teacher and parent participants, along with program offerings to support our mission, there is a significant need for more volunteers to address this expansion of services to our community.  Click here to apply If you have any questions regarding duties/responsibilities of

How To Select A Topic For Your Science Fair Project

Dr. D. Helmeste, November 2020. Daiga Helmeste, PhD, is a well-established Psychiatry & Human Behavior, School of Medicine Professor and also a teacher at the OCSEF Academy. We asked her guidance on things to keep in mind when choosing a research topic for a science fair project. The Orange County Science and Engineering Fair is


Join us on November 13, 2020 at 6:30pm for a hands-on Raspberry-pi activity. We’ll learn how to use RaspberryPi and engage in a fun collaborative programming activity. Raffle prize: Official Raspberry Pi starter kit – includes Pi, case, sd card and guide 🙂 The online Zoom event is free for students (Max limit of 25)

OCSEF STEM Evening: Coding

Join us on November 6, 2020 at 6:30pm for a hands-on coding activity. We’ll learn how to use HTML/CSS to build a website that teaches how to make a craft, and learn more about women in the STEM industry. The online Zoom event is free for students (Max limit of 50) – Open to Girls

The Affect of COVID-19 on Students’ Participation in Science Fair Projects

Do COVID-19 and the Safe at Home order affect students’ participation in science fair projects? According to Huy Pham, a science teacher at Westminster High School, they do. “I had a lot of students wanting to participate in OCSEF, as it is one of the opportunities still available to them,” Mr. Pham says. “But with

UCI School of Education Highlights OCSEF’s Mentor Match

University of California, Irvine (UCI) School of Education has highlighted OCSEF Mentor Match as one of their CalTeach programs, which allows undergraduates majoring in a STEM field to earn both their bachelor’s degree and a teaching credential in four years. “It is an honor for the UCI CalTeach Program to partner with the OCSEF Mentor

Top 5 Reasons To Do A Science Fair Project

Could there be a better time to do your science project than during COVID?! While you’re stuck at home, it may be a good time to think about an exciting STEM project that you can focus on while we all wait for the vaccine. Registration for the 2021 Orange County Science & Engineering Fair opens

OCSEF Virtual Teacher Workshops

A FREE online, interactive professional learning workshop for teachers and educators that will walk you through the steps of research project design, its alignment with NGSS, and support for your students entering the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair. Improve the quality of experimental design and get tips on how to start students on research

OCSEF Research and Engineering Design Academy

A FREE, virtual series of workshops designed to guide students to complete a research or engineering project and enter it into the 2021 Orange County Science and Engineering Fair. Thank you for applying to the OCSEF Research and Engineering Design Academy.  We are no longer accepting new registrations since we have completed 50% of the