Testing the Impact Absorption Quality of Different Origami Structures

By: Peyton H.Year: 2021School: Lakeside MiddleGrade: 7Science Teacher: Kelli Bourne This project investigated how origami structures can be used in fields of engineering and physics. It tested the impact absorption quality of different origami structures. The goal was to find a way to absorb impact by using various origami folds. The approach was to fold

Measuring Solar Panel Efficacy Under Different Conditions

By: Nilay S.Year: 2021School: Irvine HighGrade: 9Science Teacher: Sagar Sabade Solar panels provide clean, renewable energy and our planet’s future depends on solar panels. The question for this project was “How does the light intensity, angle of incidence, area of solar panel, and temperature affect the solar panel output voltage?” To find the answer, a