Topologically Optimized Wave Energy Harvester

By: Katherine R.Year: 2023School: Sage HillGrade: 11Science Teacher: Rena Dear In a world hungry for sustainable energy solutions, Katherine’s science project takes a remarkable leap towards harnessing the untapped potential of wave energy. Her project focuses on the creation of topologically optimized wave energy harvesters, employing cutting-edge simulations, including a fluid particle simulator, and innovative compliant mechanisms. The

Optimizing Plant Microbial Fuel Cell Energy Output: The Effect of Anodic Substance and Shape

By: Maya G.Year: 2023School: Fairmont Private Schools, Anaheim HillsGrade: 8Science Teacher: Michael Morin In a world facing ever-increasing energy demands and environmental challenges, young innovators like Maya are stepping up to the plate, using their scientific curiosity and ingenuity to seek sustainable solutions. Maya, a student participating in the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair, embarked on a

Solar Landscape Lighting System

By: Vir P.Year: 2022School: San Clemente HighGrade: 10Science Teacher: Jaques Andre Vir, a young and environmentally conscious individual, was inspired by the amount of electricity wasted by his family and neighbors through outdoor lighting. He embarked on a science project to create an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution to power outdoor lighting. Through his research, he decided to use solar

Measuring Solar Panel Efficacy Under Different Conditions

By: Nilay S.Year: 2021School: Irvine HighGrade: 9Science Teacher: Sagar Sabade Solar panels provide clean, renewable energy and our planet’s future depends on solar panels. The question for this project was “How does the light intensity, angle of incidence, area of solar panel, and temperature affect the solar panel output voltage?” To find the answer, a

Blade Diameter of Wind Turbine and its Effect on the Power Output

By: Ibraheem A.Year: 2021School: Orange CrescentGrade: 6Science Teacher: Heather Mansour Wind turbines are one of the most popular ways to generate clean energy. Many things can affect the power output of wind turbines, such as the blade diameter. But how does the blade diameter affect the power output of wind turbines? Ibraheem hypothesized that the

Solar Shoes

By: Ryan P. & Austin K.Year: 2000School: Talbert Middle School, 9th gradeDivision: Junior Have you ever been outside jogging, listening to music, or on a hike and all of a sudden your phone runs out of battery? This would be very bad if you were in trouble and needed your phone then use these shoes