Solar Shoes

By: Ryan P. & Austin K.
Year: 2000
School: Talbert Middle School, 9th grade
Division: Junior

Have you ever been outside jogging, listening to music, or on a hike and all of a sudden your phone runs out of battery? This would be very bad if you were in trouble and needed your phone then use these shoes which will charge your phone as longas you’re in daylight.

Our project’s purpose is to see if we can make a shoe that can generate electricity using solar energy. Our hypothesis was ​If the solar panel on the shoe is out during 12-1 then it will produce the most energy because during this time the sun releases the most UV rays and the sun is at its peak in the sky.

Next we had to do research to find out how to build the shoe, and we found a way to make a solar/battery contraption with a USB port and we made it and connected it to a shoe with duct tape.The contraption consists of 4 red and 4 black wires, a connecter board, an on/off switch, ad iode wire, a lipo battery, a solar panel, and a USB board.

The answer we got from this experiment was that it charged the best from 12-1 with a total of 27% as the highest and3-4 was the lowest with 14%. In this experiment we met our objective which was building the shoe itself which was hard and we struggled.