Westminster High School

Westminster High School, Huntington Beach Union High School District

Enriching experience!

“Everything was surreal at first at how fast things went with our project. The planning process was stressful at times which is inevitable, but possible.The processes of data collection and setup were tedious, but it provided a valuable experience that will begin the sculpting process of real research. Yes, there were things that were frustrating

Our mentors and peers were both incredibly helpful

“Initially deciding to participate in OCSEF, my partner and I had no idea of what we were going to do and we were overall inexperienced. As the project progressed, we were continuously modifying and building on our experimental procedure and knowledge. Our mentors and peers were both incredibly helpful in advising and inspiring our project

It taught us how to find a problem and solve it

“OCSEF was a really amazing experience and we were satisfied with how everything went despite the transition to an online submission and other subsequent events. It taught us how to find a problem and solve it logically using different solutions. We never would’ve been doing any of this without this opportunity. We learned how to

Having a goal and deadline really motivated me

“At first our project started off slow but once we had an idea down we set to experimenting. After many hours we finally had a test that succeeded and we recorded the data. We continued running tests and then we transferred all the information we gained throughout the project into a presentation. Having a goal

I’ve never done anything like this before

“It was a great experience because I’ve never done anything like this before. I feel really accomplished that we finished despite it not ending up as we anticipated it to be. I’m happy that it all worked out in the end. It truly was one big learning process and I don’t regret this at all.

I learned how to start an experiment

“I started my OCSEF experience with little knowledge about what I was entering, but it eventually became a demanding, yet thrilling project that became a significant part of my freshman year. I really learned how tough it is just to start an experiment from an idea, and the importance of carefully designing an effective experiment

One of my dearest and most treasured memories

“Participating in my first Orange County Science and Engineering Fair will forever be one of my dearest and most treasured memories. Not only did this event mark the beginning of my scientific journey/career but it also allowed me to expand on my realm of knowledge, and it helped me grow not only as a student

Valuable experience

“My overall experience with the Orange Country Science and Engineering Fair was very memorable. The amazing mentors from UCI and WHS has given me valuable experience that I can look back into in the future, working in labs with high tech equipment. I truly wish this organization will be still be available for WHS students,

Unforgettable experiences

“Amid a plethora of school and responsibilities , I doubtfully joined OCSEF, suspecting no more than composing a minimal research report. Throughout my journey, I never expected to encounter such a rewarding gateway for my confidence and education. I am extremely grateful for the unforgettable experiences and unbreakable bonds I have created during my time

The resources and guidance have been very helpful

“…I am grateful for the mentor match program. The resources and guidance have been very helpful to me/WHS getting the number of students involved with OCSEF. I would not have managed it without you and the team’s support. It was always a challenge to get students with my school’s socioeconomic background to “compete” with the