Enriching experience!

“Everything was surreal at first at how fast things went with our project. The planning process was stressful at times which is inevitable, but possible.The processes of data collection and setup were tedious, but it provided a valuable experience that will begin the sculpting process of real research. Yes, there were things that were frustrating and difficult to work with, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, no matter the distance. We enjoyed the times spent together processing and testing the data, as well as meeting with our mentors (who were so amazing and helpful). The fact that mentors were able to oversee and assist us in our work is something that will forever help us grow as individuals. nearing the end of the project, teamwork is crucial, especially when maintaining quality till the end. we made sure our point of our project was supported and presentable! overall, this was a very enjoyable and enriching experience!!”