Broadcom Foundation Launches ‘Coding with Commitment’

Paula Golden, President of Broadcom Foundation, salutes young people participating at science fairs and introduces Broadcom Coding with Commitment recognition.

Earlier this week, Broadcom Foundation launched #BroadcomCodingwithCommitment recognizing Middle Schoolers who combine STEM with coding to address a community problem at selected Science Fairs across the country, including OCSEF.

Paula Golden, President of Broadcom Foundation, shared a video on the Foundation’s YouTube page, acknowledging students who participate at science fairs and introducing Coding with Commitment.

“This year we have a new opportunity to recognize a young person who brings their STEM knowledge with coding to a project that improves the community,” Golden says. “We look forward seeing the competition review what exciting changes you can bring about in the world.”

An important trend in science fairs and coding spaces is that young people are seeking to solve problems that impact them personally or their communities such as health, sanitation, energy, climate change and other challenges set out in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Young people increasingly connect their science knowledge with technology to research and design solutions for these challenges.

In addition to encouraging young people to think globally when they act locally, Broadcom Coding with Commitment illuminates how coding is both a language, skillset, and an invaluable tool for college and careers.