Harald Biessmann Memorial Award

Dr. Harald Biessmann was a molecular biochemist who made major contributions to our understanding of telomere structure and function in the model organism Drosophila melanogaster.  In the mosquito Anopheles Gambia, he studied how mosquitoes find the humans for their blood meal. This research project was actually the result of a science project that his son did in middle school, which was selected for and won first prize at the California State Science Fair.   Harald Biessmann was a judge for the Irvine School Science Fair and the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair for many years and he was always very enthusiastic about these events. He enjoyed discussing with the students their projects and he made his lab and time available to many students to do their research in his lab. His enthusiasm and insight will be missed.  It is therefore in his memory that we honor students at these Science Fairs for their achievements.