Making It Last with SmartHydro

By: Felix L.
Year: 2023
School: Arnold O. Beckman High
Grade: 11
Science Teacher: Darin Hallstrom

Water scarcity is a pressing global issue, and California, a state frequently plagued by drought, faces its own set of challenges in managing this precious resource. Outdated and costly water infrastructure in the state often necessitates manual visits by water district employees to record household water usage data. In response to this problem, Felix, a talented innovator, developed an award-winning project that offers a groundbreaking solution. By leveraging the power of smart technology, Felix’s smart water meter project aims to eliminate the need for human labor in the monthly water metering process, revolutionizing water management in California.

The current water infrastructure in California is both outdated and expensive to replace, leading to logistical difficulties and increased costs for water districts. As a result, water district employees must physically visit households to manually record water usage data, a process that is time-consuming and inefficient. Moreover, water leaks often go undetected for long periods, resulting in wastage and exorbitant water bills. This problem is especially critical in drought-prone areas like California, where water conservation is of utmost importance.

Felix’s innovative project centers around the development of a smart water meter monitor that utilizes cutting-edge technology to automate the process of water data collection. By combining a smart camera with a self-trained AI computer-vision model, Felix’s device captures images of the water meter, enabling automatic and frequent delivery of water usage data. This data is then processed through a web server, and a mobile app provides users with real-time access to their water usage information.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Efficient Data Collection: The smart water meter monitor eliminates the need for manual data collection, saving time, and reducing human effort. This automated approach enables the continuous monitoring of water usage, allowing for early leak detection and prevention.
  2. Water Leak Detection: By comparing recorded data with predicted usage, the smart water meter monitor identifies any deviations that may indicate water leaks. This proactive approach helps users detect and address leaks promptly, minimizing water wastage and preventing substantial water bills.
  3. Cost-Effective and Affordable: The project emphasizes affordability and accessibility. Felix’s solution leverages IoT (Internet of Things) technology, making it cost-effective to implement and maintain. This affordability allows for widespread adoption, benefiting both water districts and households.
  4. Environmental Impact: The smart water meter monitor contributes to water conservation efforts by promoting efficient water management. By promptly identifying leaks and encouraging responsible water usage, the project aims to significantly reduce water wastage, ultimately working towards a future with zero wasted water.