Mentor Match Program Featuring: Westminster High School

This month we give you a taste of our Mentor Match Program by featuring testimonials and quotes from students and teachers of Westminster High School, Huntington Beach Union High School District.

The Mentor Match Programs, that takes place in collaboration with the UCI-CalTeach Program, benefits both students and teachers; high school students are matched with STEM university students in order to receive help and inspiration for their academic future in general and for their OCSEF project in particular. New Teacher Supervisors are matched with Veteran Science Fair teachers to get further education and experience.

The two-prong approach contributes to building both high school and diversity representation at the annual Orange County Science and Engineering Fair.
For more info on our Mentor Match program please visit the OCSEF-UCI CalTeach Mentor Match Program page.

Westminster High School, known for its diverse student population, is one of six comprehensive high schools in the Huntington Beach Union High School District. Founded in 1959, Westminster High maintains a British theme that parallels the City of Westminster design.