1600 Behavioral Sciences


If a teenage student uses Therabot, a self-guided virtual therapy computer application, will their stress and anxiety levels decrease? By: Arietta G.Year: 2020School: Carden HallTeacher: Miss Veneziale In this project, I was curious to see if a self-guided virtual therapy computer application would help to decrease the stress and anxiety levels of teenagers. I started by creating an

Combating Cyberbullying and Toxicity by Teaching AI to Use Linguistic Insights from Human Interactions in Social Media.

By: Arjun N.Year: 2020School: University High SchoolAdvisor: Tim Smay ying in online forums have only grown. AI-driven algorithms deployed to moderate and reduce hateful content often exhibit bias, associating racial, gender, and other identity terms with toxicity and unduly censoring productive discussions. The censorship undermines trust and deters users that use these terms in genuine

Youth, Prime, & Senior

By: Zan Q.Year: 2000School: Lexington Junior High School, 8th gradeDivision: Junior The main purpose of this project was to find out whether or not age affects reaction time. For this project, I needed the help of multiple volunteers from different age groups. I created a checkerboard-like sheet with random numbers scattered in the boxes. Each