Mirror Tracing and the Temporal Lobe

By: Naim B.Year: 2023School: Magnolia Science Academy Santa AnaGrade: 10Science Teacher: Asiye Dumlu The human brain is an extraordinary organ, constantly adapting and evolving to navigate the complexities of our ever-changing environment. This remarkable ability to learn and adapt is orchestrated by various regions of the brain, including the temporal lobe and the hippocampus. Naim’s primary goal in

Impacts of Athletic Injuries on Memory Performance and Reaction Time

By: Nellie N.Year: 2022School: Westminster High SchoolGrade: 11Science Teacher: Huy Pham On average, 57 percent of students partake in athletic activities in addition to their academic coursework (Riser-Kositsky). Typically, students spend at least 10 hours per week participating in athletic activities, whether it is for practice or a competitive game, becoming an integral part of

Misremembered Episodic Memories in Teenagers

By: Emily P. and Medelen N.Year: 2022School: Westminster HighGrade: 10Science Teacher: Huy Pham Episodic memory is a type of memory that involves the recollection of previous everyday events relating to the associated place, time, and emotions that took place. The growth in cognitive development in the teenage adolescent years starts to change ways of thinking

How Well Does Aromatherapy Relieve Stress and Anxiety in High School Students?

By: Catherine L.Year: 2022School: Westminster HighGrade: 12Science Teacher: Huy Pham Throughout the previous year regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, the stress and anxiety levels of adolescents have drastically increased. Students who return to in-person school from online school have a difficult time getting used to their very busy schedules, and this takes a significant toll on

Personality and Performance: Studying the Accuracy of our Perceptions

By: Phoebe M.Year: 2021School: OCSAGrade: 7Science Teacher: Marissa Mares The objective of this study was to determine the accuracy of middle schoolers’ self-evaluations of their performance on a standardized math test. In addition, Phoebe wanted to understand how the percentage of error on the test (prediction versus actual result) related to being an introvert, ambivert,

The Ideal Consolidation Period to Maximize Learning

By: Jay P.Year: 2021School: Northwood HighGrade: 9Science Teacher: Gabrielle Camacho Spaced repetition learning technique involves multiple study sessions that are evenly spread apart. The time between these sessions is the consolidation period. This study aimed to find the ideal consolidation period to maximize learning utilizing spaced repetition. Three consolidation periods were tested; 1 day, 2

Learning Through Repetition

By: Sydney B.Year: 2020School: Portola High School, 9th gradeDivision: SeniorAdvisor: Erin Arredondo In my science fair project, I tested if people improved in time as they repeated the samet ask each day. This is known as an improvement or learning curve. I also wanted to see if there was a difference due to age as