AI Facial Expression Analysis for Learning Efficiency

By: Beverlyn T.Year: 2020School: Beacon Park School, 8th gradeDivision: JuniorAdvisor: Ms. Cassese I utilized AIs’ facial recognition technology to improve the traditional teaching flow process into a more efficient way. The weakness of the traditional in-class lecture is hard to identify a student’s learning difficulty real-time. My design is to provide fast feedback to the

Vest Buddy- Wearable Augmented Alternative Communication (WAAC) Vest

By: Eric G., Sarah D. & Maria B.Year: 2000School: Olinda Elementary School, 6th gradeDivision: Junior Vest Buddy is a collaborative effort by 6th graders at Olinda Elementary School in Brea, California. We wanted to design a device that would allow people with limited speaking abilities to be included in sports and play activities with their