The Design and Creation of a Solar Powered Trail Safety Device that Uses RF Signals

By: Tarini N.Year: 2021School: Serrano IntermediateScience Teacher: Andi Suter Abstract:The purpose of my project is to create a safety device that is installed along the trails in our US National parks to assist any hikers if they need help. Tarini’s device is solar powered with lithium battery backup. It uses Radio Frequency signals to communicate

Color for the Colorless

By: Ibrahim H. & Caleb Sh.Year: 2020School: Talbert Middle School, 8th gradeDivision: Junior For this project, we designed a color sensor that is capable of distinguishing different colors in its environment to help people who are visually impaired. To do this we used a color sensor which works by measuring the amount of reflected light

AI Facial Expression Analysis for Learning Efficiency

By: Beverlyn T.Year: 2020School: Beacon Park School, 8th gradeDivision: JuniorAdvisor: Ms. Cassese I utilized AIs’ facial recognition technology to improve the traditional teaching flow process into a more efficient way. The weakness of the traditional in-class lecture is hard to identify a student’s learning difficulty real-time. My design is to provide fast feedback to the

Vest Buddy- Wearable Augmented Alternative Communication (WAAC) Vest

By: Eric G., Sarah D. & Maria B.Year: 2000School: Olinda Elementary School, 6th gradeDivision: Junior Vest Buddy is a collaborative effort by 6th graders at Olinda Elementary School in Brea, California. We wanted to design a device that would allow people with limited speaking abilities to be included in sports and play activities with their