Voting Fraud Detector

By: Ben A.Year: 2021School: McPherson MagnetGrade: 8Science Teacher: Elizabeth Conrad Ben’s project is titled “Fraud Detector,” and based on the research question, “Can Benford’s Law detect voting fraud?” Benford’s Law is a theory that the first digit in every number of certain data sets will follow a pattern. The pattern is that about 30% of

The data behind March Madness

By: Clark E.Year: 2020School: Villa Park High School, 9th gradeDivision: Senior March Madness is a men’s college basketball tournament run by NCAA. It was created in 1939 and has been attracting many viewers over the course of its life. It works by putting teams against each other in a bracket, and as the bracket narrows

Assessment of Endotracheal Tube Position Relative to the Carina Using A Cascaded Convolutional Neural Network Approach

By: Su K., Jake A. and Peter C.Year: 2020School: Capistrano Valley High School (Mission Viejo) and University of California (Irvine), 10th GradeDevision: Senior Abstract Rapid and accurate assessment of ETT location via a deep learning system may significantly expedite patient care in the ICU setting, where a misplaced ETT can result in severe patient morbidity