The Science Behind Tsunamis: The Study of Water Depth on Wave Velocity

By: Sophia W.Year: 2021School: McPherson MagnetGrade: 6Teacher: Elizabeth Conrad Sophia’s project was a designed test to answer the question; does water depth affect wave velocity? Background research strongly suggested that when a tsunami gets closer to shore, it dies out due to the shallowness increasing, which led her to hypothesize that the shallower the water,

Riptides… Beware!

By: Vivian D.Year: 2021School: McPherson MagnetGrade: 7Science Teacher: Elizabeth Conrad Vivian’s project is based on fluid dynamics, she used a medium fish tank to simulate a riptide inside it along with waves. The goal of this project was to gain a better understanding of riptides and to use that information to hopefully do something interesting.

Wonder of Water Erosion

By: Audrey L.Year: 2020School: Heritage Oak Private Education, 6th gradeDivision: JuniorAdvisor: Mrs. Shaw Water existed on Earth 3.8 billion years ago. Ocean, rivers and lakes cover about 70 percent of Earth’s surface areas. All living organisms require water in order to sustain life on this planet and to promote a healthy ecosystem. The water cycle