Which Paint Made from Rocks and Flowers is the Most Saturated?

By: Akshata T.
Year: 2022
School: Aliso Niguel High School
Grade: 11
Science Teacher: Robert Jansen

Paints is very expensive. Ellie was trying to find type of plant/flower/rocks gathered from around her house/neighborhood or school grounds and see if it could be determined which is more satiated.

-collect flowers and crushable rocks
-crush both up in muller to fine powder form
-mixes with walnut oil
-paint both on same canvas along with the controlled variable, oil paint
-take a picture of the canvas
-put it in procreate
-colordrop to see which is more satiated in procreate color function
Other variables:
-mixed with same amount and type of walnut oil
-painted on the same canvas
-crushed up in the same muller and same amount of time by same person

This project was about solving the problem of broke artists. Most artists in the art community suffer from not being able to buy expensive paints. Therefore, we plan on solving this by making homemade paint from flowers and leaves. We compared which flower would make the best paint. By crushing up flower petals to get the fine pigment, we are able to get a nice hue from the flower. The result from the experiment shows the homemade paints are able to achieve decent coloring that can be used. However, the parts of the petal that did not get crushed up as fine as powder form, lead to some little particles of dots during the paint consistency.