Bayesian Analysis of the Possibility of Intelligent Life Around M-Dwarf Stars and G Stars

By: Elaine C.
Year: 2023
School: Arnold O. Beckman High
Grade: 10
Science Teacher: Phillip Chow

The number of M-dwarf stars is about eight times that of G stars, to which our Sun belongs. The main-sequence lifetime of M-dwarf stars is also ten times that of G stars. Yet we see a “yellow” star rather than a “red” star. This research used Bayes’ theorem and proposed new parameters that account for the delayed time of life development around different types of stars. It improves upon the previous study and shows that the odds of life developing around G stars can be multiple times that around M-dwarf stars despite a much larger population of M-dwarf stars and their much longer main-sequence lifetime compared with G stars. The research result and proposed method can guide future efforts to search for habitable exoplanets and intelligent life outside the solar system.

Enter the hypothesis: Life, a rare gem in the cosmic tapestry, exhibits delayed emergence around M-dwarf stars. To test this conjecture, novel parameters were introduced into the existing model, accounting for the temporal intricacies of life’s evolution. Moreover, the “selection bias” was rectified, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of planetary habitability.

Through meticulous analysis, a compelling resolution to the Red Sky Paradox emerged. The odds favor G-star planets, their crimson hue explained by the delayed onset of life amidst the cosmic symphony. As the first sparks of life flicker to existence, M-dwarf planets languish in the cosmic crucible, awaiting the dawn of intelligence.

In conclusion, our journey through the cosmic abyss has unearthed profound truths. The cosmic canvas, painted with the hues of myriad stars, conceals secrets that beckon the intrepid explorer. Armed with Bayesian analysis and a newfound understanding of astrobiological principles, we stand poised on the precipice of discovery, gazing into the infinite expanse with wonder and awe.