Estimation of Rate of Mass/Energy Loss in a Black Hole & Neutron Star Binary System Collision

By: Anshul A.Year: 2022School: Portola HighGrade: 11 Science Teacher: John Olivares Gravitational waves are a fundamental concept in astrophysics, which refers to the ripples in the fabric of space-time caused by the revolution of two binary black holes, two binary neutron stars, or a combination of both orbiting around a center axis. These waves were first predicted by Albert

The Relationship Between the Frequency of a Sound and its Volume at Various Distances

By: Jacqueline Z.Year: 2021School: Venado MiddleGrade: 8Science Teacher: Emma Zschunke ABSTRACTAudible notifications and alarms have become popular as technology advances. This experiment examines the relationship between the amplitude, or volume, of a sound, and its respective frequency, or pitch, to improve auditory updates, such as wildfire evacuation updates, by adjusting their frequency.Using an online tone

Does the color of a liquid affect its evaporation rate?

By: Arya K, Victoria C. & Rania A.Year: 2000School: Plaza Vista, 6t gradeDivision: Junior Does the color of a liquid affect its evaporation rate? We wanted to find out if the color of a liquid would affect how fast or slow it evaporated. We predict that the color of a liquid will affect its evaporation

How to Bend Water

By: Leo A.Year: 2000School: Fairmont Private Schools Anaheim HIlls Campus, 7th gradeDivision: JuniorAdvisor: Mrs. Conklin The key to bending any type of wave (sound, light, or water) is to guide it through a gap. This experiment looks at whether small or large slits are more effective at bending waves. The purpose of this experiment is