Harmful Radiation?

By: Hannah Ch. & Nethra R.
Year: 2020
School: Woodsboro Elementary School, 6th grade
Division: Junior

In today’s world in which almost everybody owns and carries a cell phone, we thought it would be interesting to find out what effects cell phone radiations can have on living organisms.

We have been told numerous times that radiation from phones and other devices is bad for us. But we really never knew how or why. We knew we could not experiment on humans because that could be dangerous and it would take a very long time to get significant results. When we were researching other ways to prove this theory, we came across the idea of plants absorbing radiation. We were then curious as to if radiation had a positive or negative effect on plants.

The question to be answered by this science experiment is, “How does cell phone radiation exposure affect plant growth?”. Our hypothesis states our prediction as the following. We predict that the plant’s stem length without the cell phone’s radiation exposure will grow taller sooner. Based on our research, we decided that since plants absorb radiation, the organisms would be negatively affected by the radiation. Therefore, this would result in the plants receiving radiation exposure to experience shorter stem growth.