Safe Water

By: Akshata T.
Year: 2022
School: Aliso Niguel High School
Grade: 11
Science Teacher: Robert Jansen

What’s the difference between bottled water, tap water, and fridge water? which one is the safest to drink?

Raksha used a water monitoring kit to test components of the water, including dissolved oxygen, pH, nitrate, and turbidity on one cup of tap water, one cup of fridge water, and one cup of bottled water.

“For my science experiment, I wanted to see whether tap water, bottled water, or fridge water was the safest type of water to drink. To do this, I used materials from LaMotte’s Water Testing Kit. This included tablets, UV protections sleeves, and test tubes. For the water, I just used tap and fridge water from my house and bottled from the store. To see which was the safest type of water, I tested them for nitrate, dissolved oxygen, pH, and turbidity. I discovered that tap water was the safest. This is because it had ideal levels of nitrate, pH, and turbidity. Fridge water had the same levels but its dissolved oxygen level was a bit less than the level for tap water. Bottled water did not have an optimal pH level.”