Life on Mars- Fantasy or Reality?

By: Sandy S-N. & Shuhaila B.
Year: 2020
School: Portola Springs Elementary, 6th Grade
Classroom Teacher: Miss Derus
Science Teacher: Mrs. Hayes


Did you ever wonder if mankind will be able to survive on Mars? Well, we have to. At this rate, Earth won’t be around much longer because of the pollution and global warming. So, we turn to Mars.

Mars doesn’t have all the fundamentals for life. So, us humans have to make them in order to survive. These are the things you need to live on Earth: food, water, shelter, clothing. These are the things you need to live on Mars: food, water, shelter, clothing and oxygen.

Our project is about building a model of a structure that would be strong enough to stand on Mars and hold a lot of weight. Of course, to build the actual structure, we will need much stronger materials than what we used.

We will also make models of how we will get the resources to the inhabitants of the structure. We are making pyramids out popsicle sticks.

Then, we will connect them together and add a clay layer on top. This is a representation of how the structure on Mars will look. We will test our structure by seeing how much weight it is able to hold. We hope you take the time to read more about our project and hopefully, learn something new.