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Testing the Impact Absorption Quality of Different Origami Structures

By: Peyton H.Year: 2021School: Lakeside MiddleGrade: 7Science Teacher: Kelli Bourne This project investigated how origami structures can be used in fields of engineering and physics. It tested the impact absorption quality of different origami structures. The goal was to find a way to absorb impact by using various origami folds. The approach was to fold

Sustainable and Scalable Rapid Additive Manufacturing: A New System of 3D Printing with Wax

By:  Katherine R.Garde: 9Year: 2021School: Sage Hill Science Teacher: Anie Robinson Problem:The goal of this project was to create a new additive manufacturing process that reduces the typical environmental and economical stress derived from rapid prototyping. There was also an emphasis on decreasing the time required to create large-scale prototypes and on making the system highly scalable. Procedures:The

A Novel Approach to Utilizing Origami Structures in Weight Bearing Applications

By: Ashutosh K.Grade: 11Year: 2021School: Irvine HighScience Teacher: Joseph Elmasri This study investigates the use of origami structures as a viable replacement for modern day rescue devices. Current rescue devices are dominated by airbags that expand with the use of air compressors to lift heavy masses. However, they are unwieldy and have shortcomings due to the nature of

Life on Mars- Fantasy or Reality?

By: Sandy S-N. & Shuhaila B.Year: 2020School: Portola Springs Elementary, 6th GradeClassroom Teacher: Miss DerusScience Teacher: Mrs. Hayes Abstract Did you ever wonder if mankind will be able to survive on Mars? Well, we have to. At this rate, Earth won’t be around much longer because of the pollution and global warming. So, we turn