OC Student Crowned Rising Star at Broadcom MASTERS STEM Competition

Following his 1st place win at OCSEF-Behavioral Science category earlier this year, Sebastian Alexis from Sierra Vista Middle School, Irvine, CA impressed the Broadcom MASTERS judges with his project Quantifying the Effectiveness of Lockdown Measures using Effective Reproduction Number (Rt) of SARS-CoV2.

Sebe’s study looked specifically at COVID in Orange County and found that the Spring 2020 lockdown measures were effective in slowing the spread. 

Sebe analyzed the spread of COVID-19 and the effectiveness of community-wide lockdowns using math and a virus-spread model.  He calculated the number of people moving through the 4 stages of illness and found that the lockdown in Spring 2020 successfully slowed the spread in Orange County. 

Visit Sebe’s virtual booth to learn more about his project.