The Trajectories of Different Golf Balls

By: Kaylee T.Year: 2024School: Fairmont Private SchoolGrade: 7Science Teacher: Joshua Riturban Golf is a sport where precision and performance go hand in hand, and one of the most important aspects of the game is choosing the right equipment. In this science project, the goal is to analyze how the compression rate of different golf balls affects the distance

Speed Bump Saver

By: Emerson Y.Year: 2023School: Serrano IntermediateGrade: 7Science Teacher: Andi Suter Driving over conventional speed bumps can be a bumpy ride for both vehicles and passengers, often leading to potential damage to a car’s chassis and other critical systems. Recognizing this issue, Emerson embarked on a science project to develop a solution that could minimize the risk of harm

Lift it Up: The Effect of Liquid Density on Hydraulic Elevator Speed

By: Jayden ThiYear: 2023School: Renascence School InternationalGrade: 6Science Teacher: Hannah Juang In this project, Jayden conducted an experiment to explore the impact of different liquids on the speed of a hydraulic elevator. By constructing a mini-hydraulic elevator using everyday materials, Jayden aimed to determine the quickest working liquid for this type of elevator. Water served as the control,

The Effect of Different Types of Blades on the Efficiency of a Wind Turbine

By: Hussein H.Year: 2021School: Serrano IntermediateGrade: 7Science Teacher: Holly Danielson Hussein’s project is about testing different types of blade designs on a wind turbine. Hussain used different types of blades in the project and altered the angle for each one in different trials. He measured the energy produced by counting the RPM of the wind

Humbot: Bio-Inspired Hummingbird Aircraft

By: Alex L.Year: 2021Grade: 9School: University HighScience Teacher: Kevin Kasper Problem StatementDrones are unable to withstand strong winds. Various natural disasters result in large amounts of wind–a notable one being wildfires, with global warming on the rise. In California alone, over 50,000 wildfires occurred last year. To control wildfires, workers utilize aerial vehicles to scout

Which is the Most Efficient and Beneficial Winglet?

By: Arian SalariGrade: 9Year: 2021School: Woodbridge HighScience Teacher: Angie Olivares The purpose of this project was to find out which winglet design would be the most efficient and counter the problems winglets in general solve the most effectively. I chose this project because I know that it isn’t as common as your typical “volcanic explosion

3……..2…….1……..Blast off !!!!

By: Matthew P., Shannon D. & Diane P.Year: 2000School: McPherson magnet, 6th gradeDivision: Junior As I sat around one boring afternoon my mind wandered off and I came acrossthe idea of rockets. I wondered why rockets always had pointed or rounded nosecones. The more I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that “this

Water Escalator

By: Calvin D-NYear: 2020School: Lexington Jr. High, 8th gradeDivision: Junior The Archimedes Screw has been historically used to lift water from a low point up to a higher elevation, as well as other applications such as to propel dry bulk materials.In California, it seems like wildfires have become annual occurrences. There have been hillside fires