HiveVision: Using AI to Help Keep Bees and Their Hives Safe from Invadors

By: Audrey K.Year: 2023School: Sierra Vista MiddleGrade: 7Science Teacher: Amanda Durant In recent years, the bee population has faced a serious threat due to the invasion of Murder Hornets, an invasive species that poses a significant risk to bee colonies. To address this pressing issue, a young innovator has developed a groundbreaking science project, BeeHappy, which employs cutting-edge

The Effect of Varying Sound Frequencies on the Olfactory Sensitivity of Flightless Drosophila Melanogaster

By: Hami D.Year: 2023School: Westminster HighGrade: 11Science Teacher: Huy Pham With the advancement of technology and the subsequent increase in noise pollution, it becomes crucial to understand the effects of different frequencies on living organisms. While several studies have explored the impact of noise pollution on humans, including its effects on stress levels, hearing loss, and communication, few

Europa, a Possibility for Life?

People are always wondering if there is life in or outside our universe. Eesha’s scientific research is focused on whether or not Europa (One of Jupiter’s moons) can possibly contain/sustain any form of life. For this project, I’m looking at Lake Vostok which is a similar environment to Europa. My hypothesis is, if an environment

Behavioral Effects of Colors on Chickens

By: Lynntram N.Year: 2022School: Westminster HighGrade: 11Science Teacher: Huy Pham While chickens are known to be low maintenance farm animals, owners may struggle tending to and creating an adequate environment for them. The effects of color on chicken behavior was investigated to determine how colors change a chicken’s interactions with each other and their environment.

Musical Effects on Hamsters

By: Trinity K. and Georgina I.Year: 2021School: Westminster HighGrade: 11Science Teacher: Huy Pham Within this project, the students observed the difference between how live music and pre-recorded music will impact the reaction time and the speed of a hamster. They set up a maze for the hamsters to complete, and measure the time it takes

Eggshell Consumption by Birds

By: Lara T.Year: 2020School: Serrano Intermediate, 7th gradeDivision: JuniorAdvisor: Holly Danielson How does the amount of eggshell and birdseed consumed by the various birds in my backyard fluctuate in the four seasons throughout the year? I hypothesized that the highest amount of eggshells would be eaten in the spring, much less in the summer, and