Merry Marigolds

By: Kamran M.Year: 2021School: Fairmont Private Schools, Anaheim HillsGrade: 8Science Teacher: Michael Morin The goal of this experiment was to observe if different colored light affected the growth of a marigold. If different colored light does affect plant growth, then this could help farmers and gardeners in finding new methods of increasing plant growth. The

The Impact of Simulated Acid Rain on Sweet Corn (Zea mays) Germination

By: Ananya D.Year: 2021School: Fairmont Private Schools, North Tustin CampusGrade: 7Science Teacher: Joshua Riturban It is a common belief that acid rain negatively impacts plants by lowering the pH of the soil and inhibiting growth, but results regarding this topic do not necessarily support this belief. There are many conflicting results on how acid rain

Hard Water? Soft Water?

By: Allison Y.Year: 2016School: Bonita Canyon Elementary SchoolAdvisor: Charles NelsonDevision: Junior Allison was a 6th grader at Bonita Canyon Elementary School and received Honorable Mentions in the Botany Junior Division of the 2015-2016 OC Science and Engineering Fair. Her project was called “Hard Water? Soft Water?” and investigated the effect of hard and soft water