The Effect of Exogenous Melatonin on the Germination and Growth of Bamboo

By: Maryan N.Year: 2023School: Warner MiddleGrade: 8Science Teacher: Renee Balboa In recent years, the giant panda population has faced a significant threat due to the disappearance of bamboo forests, their primary source of food. As these forests vanish, the giant panda’s habitat diminishes, leading to a decline in their population. In an effort to address this critical issue,

The Effects of Biochar and Algae Extract on the Growth of Basil Plants

By: HayMann H. and Kim N.Year: 2022School: Westminster HighGrade: 11Science Teacher: Huy Pham As technology advances, people see a rise in animal supplements for additional nutrition. However, the overuse of these substances often results in runoffs from animal manure that reverse the effect of growth boost and pollute other environmental aspects. This experiment aims to

The Effect of Instruments on Plant Growth

By: Mayra L.Year: 2022School: Westminster HighGrade: 12Science Teacher: Huy Pham Sound and music have been used on multiple occasions to determine if it would impact many things. Nerve plants were our ideal plant since its veins visually showed the impact of negative factors, they don’t need much watering other than keeping soil moist by watering

The effects of varying magnetic field applications on Mung Bean germination

By: Hami D.Year: 2022School: Westminster HighGrade: 10Science Teacher: Huy Pham Research on plant response to varying magnetic fields (MF) has been studied and reveals that plants do have significant responses to MFs. These studies were done, testing the effects of null and strong MFs; however, this leads to the question of whether magnetic effects on

The Recovery of Phytoplankton after Short vs Long Term UV Exposure

By: Kristina N.Year: 2022School: Westminster HighGrade: 12Science Teacher: Huy Pham The ozone layer has deteriorated as a result of increased air pollution and climate change, enabling greater penetration of UV radiation and subsequent exposure. UV radiation has generally impacted phytoplankton negatively, including decreasing photosynthesis and growth, damaging DNA and protein, and changing nutrient uptake and

Effects of Phong Thấp Hoàn Supplement on Salvia Hispanica Development

By: Sophie N.Year: 2022School: Westminster HighGrade: 10Science Teacher: Huy Pham 20% of Americans use Chinese medicine. With “[G]rowing […] popularity of natural remedies […], demand […] is rising” (Hoiberg, 2007). However, Asian commercials often advertise supplements, such as PTH, with skeptical ingredients like Rehmannia glutinosa and other allelopathic constituents. This experiment investigated if ingredient toxicity

Merry Marigolds

By: Kamran M.Year: 2021School: Fairmont Private Schools, Anaheim HillsGrade: 8Science Teacher: Michael Morin The goal of this experiment was to observe if different colored light affected the growth of a marigold. If different colored light does affect plant growth, then this could help farmers and gardeners in finding new methods of increasing plant growth. The

The Impact of Simulated Acid Rain on Sweet Corn (Zea mays) Germination

By: Ananya D.Year: 2021School: Fairmont Private Schools, North Tustin CampusGrade: 7Science Teacher: Joshua Riturban It is a common belief that acid rain negatively impacts plants by lowering the pH of the soil and inhibiting growth, but results regarding this topic do not necessarily support this belief. There are many conflicting results on how acid rain

Hard Water? Soft Water?

By: Allison Y.Year: 2016School: Bonita Canyon Elementary SchoolAdvisor: Charles NelsonDevision: Junior Allison was a 6th grader at Bonita Canyon Elementary School and received Honorable Mentions in the Botany Junior Division of the 2015-2016 OC Science and Engineering Fair. Her project was called “Hard Water? Soft Water?” and investigated the effect of hard and soft water